Huwebes, Enero 15, 2015

Worthless Me

Foolish, Pest, Dull.  Those are just the few words in which my family specially my father has been describing me this past few years. Don’t they feel that I am a living thing. I am not dumb for me not to take this seriously. Don’t they realize that I am a living thing which has feelings and heart which can be broken into pieces.
Some people say, ‘You’re really a lucky person’. But they don’t know how I suffered in this family. Most of our neighbors think that I am always wrong, but how come they judge me without even knowing what the real story is.
My mother, father, even my brother says that I am truly useless. They are telling me that they are just wasting the precious money which my family have.

Till when will they realize  that I am not worthless, maybe when it’s already too late, just like what others’ said. ‘Y

ou’ll never know someone is really worthless, until he/she is gone from you’.